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Recording & Streaming Tips


There are a few different options for recording and streaming meetings. Facebook supports streaming to your FB page. If you want to go this route, consult the Facebook streaming instructions.

Another method is using the Youtube app on a mobile phone. The Youtube app is free and supports streaming to your Youtube page. This is easy and it allows you to save the videos, download them, edit them and share them. You can make the videos public or private and send or publish a link to invite viewers. More information can be found on Google Support.


  • Sound can be challenging when streaming. A wireless microphone allows you to place your mobile phone camera in a location that captures the scene, while can deliver good sounding audio from a different position.
  • Placing the camera in a good spot with good lighting is important so the stream delivers clear images.
  • Using Google or Facebook allows you to stream your desktop too. So, you could use your laptop's camera to capture the presenter (you) and stream your laptop’s screen with a small inset video of the presenter.
  • Equipment that you may want to consider: camera, tripod or gorillapod with smartphone holder, wireless microphone