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Content Policy

The GSF has adopted a content policy for meetup events inspired by the TEDx Content Policy.

Guideline 1: No commercial agendas

  • If it's essential to a talk that the speaker mentions what they do and describe the businesses that they're in, they should.
  • The meetup stage must not be used as a sales platform, people can speak at meetup events about their commercial products related to green software but the talk for should be driven by an idea and not to sell from the stage.
  • Sponsors of the meetup group (for instance organizations that have donated the use of their space) are allowed to give a brief mention of their products or services but again it should not be a sales pitch.
  • There should be no mention of offers, discounts, coupon codes or anything that is intented to drive a meetup to spend money with a speakers organization.
  • As a rule of thumb, if it feels like an advertisement, it probably is.

Guideline 2: No political agendas or inflammatory rhetoric

  • Politics, social issues, and policy are key parts of the global conversation. However, GSF Meetup Events are not the place for partisan politics, nor for extremist or inflammatory positions.
  • Speakers must not attack or advocate for parties, party platforms, and political leaders in their talk. They must not advocate for violence or oppression.
  • Advise speakers to focus on discussing concrete problems and solutions.

Guideline 3: No religious agendas

Don't book speakers who attempt to prove or persuade the correctness of a single religion, deity or other belief system (such as atheism or agnosticism), whether through rhetoric or "scientific proof."

Guideline 4: No bad science