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Do you need to be a GSF member to organize a meetup?

Anyone can become a meetup organizer, you don't need to be an employee of a GSF member organization.

I'm interested in helping out at a meetup group?

If there is an event planned in the near future the best way to get involved is just to turn up to the event and introduce yourselves to the other organisers. Let them know you'd like to get more involved and they will talk to you about options.

If there are no events planned in the near future just message the meetup group in our dicussions forum. Find the right meetup group thread in the forum and introduce yourself, tag the other organizers in your message there GitHub handles should be in the first message in the thread.

There is no meetup group near me, what should I do?

Consider starting your own meetup group, we have lots of material in our Organizer Guide. We provide lots of support to you along your way and you can browse GitHub to see how our other Meetup organizers are running things.

I'm interested but I don't I don't have much time right now but I'd like to keep in touch

Signup via our form and we'll add you to our mailiung list. Every week you'll get a digest of what's going on in this project, feel free to lurk - when you are ready start getting involved in some of the converations and then offer to support or organize a meetup event.

I don't have any experience running a meetup group?

That's perfectly fine, this is the time to start getting that experience.

Read our Organizer Guide and follow the instructions to get started, the goal of the GSF Meetup Program is to support you every step until you are an experienced and proficient meetup organizer.

I don't have much time but i'd still like to help.

  • You can consider just assisting in a meetup event organized by someone else.
  • You could consider perhaps givng a talk if that's something you are comforable doing.
  • You could perhaps help secure a venue or secure another speaker for an event.
  • See if there are any questions in the Ask Anything forum where you can help.
  • Or find the meetup group nearest you in our forum and say Hi, offer your services.
  • Signup to our mailing list and we'll send you a weekly digest of the most popular issues and discussion (TODO)